Sample Tiles Quality

We tile without any exeptions in a kind point sticking prozedure  on "Hauff " panels. Because of our own  special  Vertical panel Saw and our specious  ware house of  press boards in yard goods,  we are now able to work out every kind  of format of the tiles, any kind  of strenght / size which can be anytime  produced and sticked.

The workflow of sticking  follows with silicone and hot-melt adhesive.  As well we color  of the interstices are flexible  and will be professionally worked out with a  longtime flexible joint compound  from the manufacturer Plaster Flex.  Your order will be safety & well organised  transported ( not able for stacking ) and  will be timely in your house or to your  customers delivered. 

The worldwide delivery of the products could  be done easily. The hole shipment will be totally  covered by insurance.  You will get all costs of logistics on inquiry - please use attached form!  For sure we can offer you as well further space in  our warehouse for additional collections,  which helps you and ourselves to react faster with sampling for customers.